Obituary Checklist

Oct 17, 2022

6 Things To Include Section By Section 📝

1. Death Announcement

A death announcement is a concise statement informing the public of the person’s death. It is a formal and public disclosure that an individual has passed away. It is also sometimes called a death notice.

2. Life Details

– Parents’ name – Place of birth – City of residence (no exact address) – Schools of note/higher education – Marriage date and spouse’s name – Awards, major accomplishments, etc. – Career – Place of employment – Business groups and affiliation – Military service – Religious affiliation – Hobbies  – Social groups or club – Volunteer service – Membership

3. Family (Survived By)

– Spouse – Parent – Children  – Children’s Spouse – Grandparent – Grandchildren – Great-grandchildren – Sibling – Nephew – Niece – Cousin

4. Family (Predeceased)

– Spouse – Parent – Children – Sibling

5. Funeral Services

If you are planning to have a funeral or memorial service, you can include it in the next section of the obituary checklist. Be sure to include where flowers can be sent.

6. Related Info

Finally, our obituary checklist concludes with any related information. This section is helpful for those that may not be able to attend the funeral or memorial service but still want to express their condolences. Include donation instructions and any additional information.

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