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Veterans Day: Honoring a Loved One Who Was a Veteran

For military families there are a few special ways to honor a loved one. Here are 5 unique ways to honor the memory of a veteran.
Veterans Day
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Every year Veterans Day is a time for the country to honor the men and women who have served in the military. If a close relative was a veteran, you probably want to honor their memory every day of the year.

No one understands the sacrifices that veterans make more than their family members. And no one understands the pride they had in serving their country more than their relatives. Military service can become a huge part of someone’s career and identity. Because being in the military plays such a big role in a person’s life, it’s understandable that the family would want to continue to honor their service after their death.

Honoring the memory of a loved one is a personal experience for each family. If your loved one was a veteran here are some ways you can pay homage to their military service.

Choose Burial or a Cremation Niche at a National Cemetery

Veterans are among the few people who can be buried or have a columbarium niche in a national cemetery. It’s part of Veterans Burial Benefits. If a veteran or their family chooses this option the niche or plot and marker will be provided at no cost.

If you’re worried about the cost of funeral services there are other types of special assistance for the families of veterans through Veterans Burial Benefits. If you prefer to have a niche or burial at another cemetery closer to home you’ll still be given the marker. Your loved one can even have a military funeral with honor guard if you request it. To qualify for Veterans Burial Benefits you’ll need your loved one’s DD214 showing they were honorably discharged from the military.

Make a Scrapbook About Their Military Experience

Being in the military is a unique experience that comes with a lot of stories. From bootcamp to the battlefield, the military has a profound effect in shaping many people’s lives even years after they’ve left service.

You can preserve those memories by creating a scrapbook that’s all about your loved one’s military experience. In addition to personal photos, there are public records you can find online about when your family member entered the military, awards they received and retirement information. Letters and postcards that were sent during deployment are another keepsake that keeps a veteran’s memory alive for future generations. 

Display Their Military Memorabilia

Another way to honor the memory of a veteran is to display their military memorabilia. A shadowbox is the perfect way to both display the memorabilia and protect items from the elements. Military memorabilia that’s commonly displayed include: 

  • Bootcamp graduation pictures
  • Bars or ribbons
  • Medals

If you are considering a columbarium niche, there are some that have glass fronts so that you can create a display similar to a shadowbox.

Participate in a Veterans Day Fundraiser in Their Honor

You could donate to a worthy cause, but getting out there and putting in the work is an even more impactful way to honor a veteran. You could help organize a fundraiser or put in the physical labor during a walk-a-thon. Either way, your loved one would appreciate that you’re doing your part to help other veterans in their honor. 

Some veterans organizations you can look into include:

  • The VFW
  • American Legion
  • Wounded Warrior
  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
  • Local Veterans Coalitions 

Get a Burial Flag

Few images are as moving as a casket or urn with a flag draped across it. It’s an honor that every veteran should get. All veterans who are eligible to receive Veterans Burial Benefits can also receive a burial flag. The flag can be placed with the burial coffin or kept with the urn.

We’re proud to provide military families with affordable, eco-friendly cremation services. As part of our service we take care of the flag procurement from the USPS for veterans. When you choose Green Cremation Texas you know you’re choosing a funeral home that shows veterans the respect they deserve.

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