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Carbon-Neutral Flame or Water-Based Direct Cremation Services in Seguin, Texas

Get exceptional end of life services without compromising your eco-friendly values. Until recently few options existed for Seguin families that wanted to use a more mindful, green process. Our innovative, thoughtful approach has made Green Cremation Texas the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in the state, and we’re proud to serve the City of Seguin.

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Cleaner and Greener Seguin Cremation Services

Green Cremation Texas respects the cultural significance of cities like Seguin. That’s why we offer end of life services that are closer to the natural process used hundreds of years ago when the city was founded.

Most traditional burials and even some cremation services in Seguin leave behind a toxic footprint. From harsh embalming fluid to the carbon emissions produced by shipping caskets, other end of life services have a very negative impact on the local environment.

Our green cremation options were created to give Seguin families a choice that respects their loved one’s wishes and the city’s natural beauty.

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Green Cremation Options in Seguin

Green Cremation Texas has created a proprietary clean flame cremation service. Far less energy is used, and we take additional steps to ensure no plastics or medical devices are incinerated to reduce pollution.

Aquamation, better known as water cremation, doesn’t rely on flames that can release carcinogens into the air. The process uses a water/alkali solution that decomposes in a cleaner, more natural way while using 90% less energy.

Green Funeral Urns in Seguin

Once the cremation is completed the next step is selecting a receptacle. We have a selection of green cremation containers in Seguin that includes eco-friendly scattering tubes and biodegradable urns for burials.

Seguin Cremation Prices and Funeral Costs

Few people know the true cost of funeral and cremation services until the unfortunate time when a loved one passes. At Green Cremation Texas, we make all the information you need readily available so you know exactly what services you’re getting and what price you’re paying.

But the only way to truly compare funeral and cremation cost in Seguin is to know the average price for each type of service.

Are you prepared to pay $10,000 for a traditional burial? The National Funeral Directors Association notes that the median cost of a funeral in the U.S. is $7,640 with a viewing and burial. In the South West region, which includes Texas, the median is $6,933. However, that does not include the cost of a burial plot, cemetery fees or a headstone.

Traditional cremation with viewing services tends to be a cheaper option than a burial, but it’s actually more expensive than many people realize. The average cost of cremation in Seguin and the rest of Texas is $4,688. But that price doesn’t include a rental casket for the viewing and ceremony.

Cost of cremation without service in Seguin is considerably less than traditional options. Seguin direct cremation costs average between $1,000-2,000 depending on the service selected. If you prefer not to have a viewing or memorial service at the funeral home, direct cremation is by far the most cost-effective option.

Why More Families Are Choosing Direct Cremation Services in Seguin

Seguin Funeral Home

The land and heritage are what make Seguin one of Texas’ landmark cities. Lone Star State history lives deep in Seguin’s roots and that’s worth protecting.

Preserving such a special place takes effort. Every resident leaves a mark on the city, and choosing eco-friendly direct cremation in Seguin means you’re choosing an end of life service that’s easier on the environment and your family. You not only get affordable cremation in Seguin, you get the freedom to have the memorial service your loved one would have wanted.

Planning Memorial Services After Choosing Cremations Only in Seguin

The option of doing cremation only with no service in Seguin is becoming more commonplace with each passing year. Direct cremation gives families a way to have a “Real Texas” memorial that’s befitting a Seguin resident.

Some of the most common cremation memorial options in Seguin include:

  • Having a burial service at Santo Tomas Cemetery or San Geronimo Cemetery.
  • Scattering the ashes along the Guadalupe River.
  • Having a cremation ceremony at the Riverview Park Pavilion, SS American Memorial Foundation’s Lazy U Ranch or a family member’s home.

Living green in Seguin comes full circle with environmentally friendly cremation services that allow you to plan a personal memorial.

Your Expert Guides Through the Seguin Cremation Process

Getting cheap cremation in Seguin doesn’t have to mean settling for services that are just satisfactory. Green Cremation Texas helps you feel confident and informed about the decisions you’re making. We go to great lengths to make your family feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Working with Green Cremation Texas you can:

  • Arrange services online or over the phone without ever leaving your family’s side – no visit to the funeral home is required.
  • Talk directly with our funeral director to learn more about the different types of direct cremation in Seguin.
  • Get all-inclusive packages for a single price – no hidden fees or upcharges.
    Our team handles all of the details. We will:
    Work with the local coroner’s office to arrange transport.
  • File the necessary paperwork for the death registration and death certificates.
    Deliver the remains to a location of your choice.

We understand the mental and emotional challenges families face after losing a loved one. Our cremation services are simple and streamlined so that there’s less stress throughout the process. If you have questions give us a call for immediate assistance.

Affordable Cremation in Seguin That Meets Every Expectation

Finding the right funeral home for a cremation is no easy task. Many funeral homes aren’t upfront about pricing, and they may not cater to your unique needs.

Green Cremation Texas is a different kind of funeral home. We provide all of the essentials with an exemplary level of service. It’s an affordable option that gives you more freedom and control while having to be less involved in the cremation process. Get everything you need to remember your loved one the way you want.

Do you need more information on cremation options in Seguin? Green Cremation Texas is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
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