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Ron Jenkins

Ron Jenkins, born and raised in San Angelo,TX, rode his Harley-Davidson for the last time on Friday, March 25, 2022. He passed away in the beautiful Hill Country of Kerr County after an accident while surrounded by his family and friends. Despite how painful and tragic losing Ron is, we find peace in knowing he was doing something he truly loved and that he lived his life freely. 

All family and friends are invited to celebrate Ron’s life at the San Angelo Boat Club on Saturday, April 2nd, beginning at 3PM as a “come and go” event. 

When Ron made his arrangements, he insisted that we avoid a typical memorial. In that spirit, we ask you to help us honor and celebrate his life by simply swinging by with a comfy chair and a beverage of your choice – armed with your “Ron” stories to share with others in a relaxed setting. There will be no formal agenda. 

Ron was born on February 27, 1962 and lived his life at his own pace from there on out. He was a dedicated son, brother, uncle, father to his 3 daughters, and “Papa” to his 3 precious granddaughters. 

He is preceded in death by his mother, Maude “Terry” “Gran” Jenkins, father, Benny “Papa” Jenkins, and brother Benny “B, BW, Benny Wayne” Jenkins. 

Ron is survived by 3 amazing daughters he raised alongside Edie Troublefield: Devin Coor and wife Rhebecca, Leanne Jenkins and her love, Jeremy, Kristin Klaire and her love, Dustin. In addition to his 3 beautiful granddaughters, Jenna, Maycie, and Hadley – who he loved with all his heart and soul. 

It’s no secret that he complained about always being “surrounded by women”, even the turtle and dogs, but we all know he loved it. He dearly loved his girls. 

He is also survived by 2 sisters, Deborah & husband Russ Weatherford and Denise & husband Jeff Chesnut, brother, David Jenkins, and several great nieces and nephews: Will, Whitney, Justin, Kacey, Lizzy, Gus, Addi, Maggy, and Sage. Ron’s parents ingrained in their children the love of family and Ron treasured every single moment spent with them.

We know that Ron will be missed by so many more family members and friends and that this list and passage could go on forever. If you knew Ron, he loved you and you felt it. 

He was an amazing storyteller. You could believe at least half of the stories he was repeating to you for the 25th time in your life were true! No matter how many times we heard a story, we listened, because it was either hilarious or fascinating – or totally made up. 

He could do and did just about anything he wanted. Ron even wore a wig in school to get around having to cut his hair at some point. He knew every shortcut and always went as far as “good enough.” He always got the job done… eventually! 

Throughout his life, he ran a bingo hall, was a repo-man, and was a bail bondsman for over 25 years. He covered pool tables and ran and maintained vending machines across the state of Texas. He wrangled and cared for goats at various ranches. He could rewire arcade games, maintain pools, mow, cater, haul, store, and repair just about anything if he was interested or if you asked for his help.

He was also a proud Freemason who was installed as a Master Mason in 1994 under Lubbock Yellow House Lodge #841/ Idalou Lodge #1220. 

Ron spent most of his time hunting, riding 4-wheelers and motorcycles with his friends, learning to weld, took pilot lessons and even completed solo flights. He built go-karts and a classic truck with his daughters, spent countless days at the lake and drove the boat for his daughters, nieces, nephews, granddaughters and, probably, hundreds of his friends. The 4th of July and Ron Jenkins went hand-in-hand. If you were going to have fun, you wanted to be with him. He worked hard, but he never worked a day in his life.

One time, he entered the boat races just to get all access passes and seating. He drove his family and friends to see the Christmas lights in town either in a motorhome, in the bed of a truck, or on a trailer and never once waited in line all those years. He attended every single event or performance that involved his daughters. And he never missed a chance to have some fun.

He likely helped keep the lights on at countless bars (mainly “Shenanigans”) where he spent time with so many of his friends and created memories and stories that will be told as legends for decades to come. Nearly everyone that has encountered him has at least one “Ron” story – and we couldn’t be more happy that he touched so many lives and helped so many people. 

Ron broke countless bones in countless ways and was always hilarious about it as he recovered. Once, he was even stabbed by a burglar he heard pilfering through the silverware drawer in his apartment. Even when he was in a lot of pain, nothing held him back from accomplishing what he was after or helping someone else out.

If you were talking to Ron, you were in a judgment free zone. If you needed anything, you knew his phone number because he repeated it to you just before he told you he loved you and zipped away on or in whatever vehicle he chose to drive that day. He’d shout “Quarter! Quarter!” “Love you!” And every single time he hung up the phone with someone he loved, it was always “Love you, bye.”

Ron Jenkins Celebration of Life

San Angelo Boat Club

3617 S Country Club Rd, San Angelo, TX 76904

Saturday, April 2nd

Come and go as you please beginning at 3PM

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