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Joseph M. Weikel

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Joseph Weikel, our friend, brother, father, and husband. Joe was a special person with many talents and a loving heart.

He was a man of prodigious intellect. He prided himself in his ability to change careers as circumstances required, moving between diverse and demanding technical fields. He did this while still maintaining interest and expertise in subjects as wide-ranging as ancient history and aircraft, motorcycles and cooking, travel and music. In a world of specialization, he took rebellious satisfaction in his great breadth and depth of knowledge.

His intelligence also found expression in his storytelling and quick wit. He was always ready to see the humor in a situation, and especially held great respect for comedic ability. He valued fast, clever one-liners, always making a point to praise the quick delivery of a witty wise-crack. His own humor was frequently exercised among friends and family, when he would vividly recount his many exploits, blessing us with the precious gift of a giggle.

He was also a man with high principles to which he held himself and those around him. He was a defender of the underdog and an enforcer of fairness, while believing that most rules exist to support these efforts and to make life better for us all. He was never shy when he believed someone to be abusing their advantaged position for personal gain at the expense of others.

Of course, he could also be opinionated and stubborn. He studiously maintained a prickly exterior, seeming to take pride in its careful cultivation. This veneer of studied irascibility existed, however, simply to protect his very large, soft heart. He loved children and they loved him back. Whether in line at a grocery store or playing in the park, a wave and a smile from him would elicit a delighted grin in return from any child he encountered. Most of all he loved his friends and family, from his childhood family in Shamokin, his college friends in the Husky Huddle, his York friends, and his wife and son. And we loved him back.

In lieu of flowers please donate to Shriners Hospitals for Children in Erie, PA.

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