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Jacob William Putalavage

September 26, 1985 - 
July 5, 2021
Jacob William Putalavage
Birthplace: Mount Holly, NJ
Resided In: Austin, TX

Jacob William Putalavage, 35, passed away on Monday, July 5, 2021 at his home in Austin, Texas. He was born September 26, 1985, in Mount Holly, NJ to Jack and Carol Putalavage. They moved from New Jersey to San Antonio, Texas, Dayton, Ohio, and back to San Antonio, Texas following Jack’s assignments from the Air Force. He graduated from the Judson Learning Academy in San Antonio and took courses on and off at San Antonio Community College.

Jacob lived much of his adult life in San Antonio where he worked primarily in the service industry. He also served in the National Guard for two years. He relocated to Austin in 2019 for a fresh start and to be closer to his sister and her family.

He was a loyal and caring son, brother, friend and uncle whose heart was always bigger than the hardships he faced in life. His passions included his family, the San Antonio Spurs, stand up comedy, his dogs and video games. He was a great cook, very handy, and always eager to help friends and family.

He was an optimist, but he seemed to be plagued by bad luck. He was hit by a car after getting off the school bus as an elementary school student. He was hit by a baseball bat as a toddler when he wandered into a game his brother was playing. He was stung by a bee at a National Guard picnic when a bee flew out of the soda he was drinking. His river shoes were stolen when he took them off to play in the water with his nieces. He was car jacked after buying a new car. Valuables came and went in his life as they were often lost or stolen. He had PTSD and bipolar disorder, but he often went without insurance and had no therapy or legal treatment available to him. He worked hard when he found employment, but with a felony on his record, his employment options were limited.

He sought love and acceptance, but suffered from depression and anxiety which crushed his self esteem and made it hard to be close to him. He needed a support system that isn’t readily available in this country.

Jacob is survived by his mother, Carol Winwood; sister, Jeni Putalavage-Ross; brother, J.R. Putalavage; nephew, Adam Putalavage; and nieces, Emma Putalavage and Delancey, Astor, and Tilly Ross.

In lieu of flowers, please support a local addiction recovery center.

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