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Carolina Farago

August 20, 2020
Carolina Farago
Birthplace: Philippines
Resided In: Cedar Park, Texas

Carolina Baol Farago, a legend of her time. She called her final “BINGO!” on August 19, 2020 in her Cedar Park Texas home surrounded by family and friends. Her love for life would more than often bring luck to follow.

The daughter of the Mayor of Carmen, her childhood Phillipine city, she inherited the strong leadership ability of her father before immigrating to the United States in the 1970’s. She was a force to be reckoned with and not to be crossed. A larger than life attitude, Carolina would give you the world or make you question your being. If you wronged her, she would never forget. Love and respected by many, she was able to talk to anyone and make friends quickly. You had to be intelligent though…she had little patience for laziness, ignorance, or stupidity. Her high expectations for returned respect made her a fighter and a lover. She had an air of power that surrounded her. An untouchable force, much like Pai Mei, before cancer came and poisoned her fish heads! (A Kill Bill reference) She battled for 14 years up to the very last moment, departing on her terms. A work ethic that should be solidified in the books of ages. She was never one to back down from a fight or a job. Give her a task and she perfected it.

Carolina worked and managed restaurants, owned a business, worked in AeroSpace Engineering, and even drove an armored car. Her small 5’1” stature was no hindrance for the later. Being so determined, she pushed through the pain of the cancer ravaging her body and committed to renovating an entire room of her house by herself. Known for her impeccable cleanliness, she could spot a speck of dust across the room. Besides her children and grandchildren, her green thumb was an example of her propensity to love, care, and nurture. She was always proud of her manicured yard, especially when winning “Yard of the Month”. Her handwriting was like no other. It would be a shame if it is not placed somewhere in the Library of Congress. In all her seriousness, she was equally witty and loved to have fun. Whether it was her bowling strikes, lucky bingo wins, breaking the billiards, or her tenacity to constantly learn something new.

Carolina appreciated the finer things in life, but she was far from pretentious. You could have seen her enjoying a fine glass of red or Chardonnay, but a good boxed wine would do as well. Most of all she loved her God and was full of spirituality, often studying theology throughout her life.

Carolina is survived by her son and his spouse, Christopher and Rhiannon Farago; daughter, Andrea Farago; seven grandchildren, two sisters, and four brothers.

She is preceded in death by her Father, Guillermo Baol; Mother, Rosario Adams; Brother, Jungie Baol; Brother, Reynaldo Baol; and Brother, Michael Baol.

The family is continuing to plan arrangements but will include a celebration of life in Cedar Park, TX to be announced; followed with a remembrance gathering on the coast of St. Augustine, FL a few days after.

Cancer Sucks! Please consider contributions to the American Cancer Society In Memory of Carolina Baol Farago.

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