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Green Cremation Texas is now Cremation.Green
Cremation.Green is a specialized funeral home in Universal City offering a full selection of eco-friendly end of life services. We’re here for families that want something simple, meaningful and low impact. From start to finish, our funeral services relieve the stress of disposition for you and the environment. Call, text or email to arrange green funeral home services in Universal City, TX.
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The (Almost) 5 Star Funeral Home

Green Cremation Texas has earned 4.9 stars by actual customers on Google. We are also highly rated on Facebook and Yelp.

★★★★★ Everyone was so kind in assisting us with our father's passing. We really appreciate the care and attention they gave us. Thank you.Kelly M.Kelly M. ★★★★★ We’re very pleased with the kind service we received from Green Cremation. They were very reasonably priced and always available for our questions. My most treasured piece will be the finger print pendant.Carson H.Carson H. ★★★★★ My husband wanted a green cremation. We chose the "return to the earth" option. Not only was this the most affordable but also the most eco friendly. Marlena was wonderful and patient and really helped me get exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend Green Cremations.Roxanne O.Roxanne O. ★★★★★ It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was sitting in the hospital with my dear husband who had just begun receiving hospice care. I was so grateful that finally, he was receiving comfort care and that he could rest comfortably and not deal with constant pain. All I wanted to do was sit with him, hold his hand and talk to him, and not think about funeral arrangements. The hospice worker was wonderful, and before leaving, provided me with a list of different funeral homes, but I only glanced at a few places online. Two hours later my husband passed away and I realized I had to make a decision, so I called Cremation Green, the only place I’d looked at online that had no negative reviews. It was a Sunday evening, but Marlaena Gonzales answered the phone herself, and immediately, not only eased my fears and anxiety but surprised me by not asking me to do a single thing. She was soft spoken, kind, and comforting, and only asked that I tell the nurse that I would be using Cremation Green for my husband’s arrangements. She explained that the hospital would provide all the necessary information and then Cremation Green would handle everything. She also said that I would receive a text the following day with a link to their website, and the forms that needed to be filled out, but that I could complete them when I felt up to it. She was amazing! There was no pressure to do anything immediately and certainly no pressure to purchase any goods or services. The Cremation Green website lists the services and products they offer and all the prices are clearly stated. You can put together the package you want, the cost is always exactly what is stated, and their pricing is very reasonable. Also, if your loved one is a Veteran, Cremation Green ensures that you get a beautiful, military-folded American flag. Everything is done online. I worried about that, as I’m a bit technologically challenged, but Marlaena was a simple phone call away, whenever I had a question. She ALWAYS answered the phone herself, and she patiently and kindly explained things. I was never put on hold, nor did I have to be subjected to options when I called. I can’t thank Cremation Green and Marlaena enough, for their courtesy, kindness and professionalism. I feel that the best compliment I can give them is to use them for my final arrangements, which I plan to do in the very near future.Margaret F.Margaret F. ★★★★★ I used Green Cremation to help me with my wife's wishes. It went very smoothly. I got the death certificates quickly and the cremation was handled promptly and everything happened with care. Very thankful.Loddie A.Loddie A. ★★★★★ Marlegna was amazing. She helped me easily take care of the details of my wife's cremation which was wonderful considering I was beyond bereft. I've had to deal with 2 other family funerals, in the last two years, and the funeral home was horrible. Green Cremation was simply the best. God Bless them for everything.Kenny S.Kenny S. ★★★★★ My husband passed away, I was absolutely distraught and completely new to funeral planning or anything to deal with a loved ones death. When I contacted Green Cremation, they were so completely considerate and kind to me. They made the process as painless as possible. I’ll always be grateful for how they treated me and my husband with the utmost care and respectJesse V.Jesse V. ★★★★★ Exceptional professionalism, respect and kindness in a time when I needed the most. Not that price is important at times like there, but do not price gouge. Highly recommend!Corey M.Corey M. ★★★★★ My experience with Green Cremation was a very smooth and pleasant experience. Marleana, was sweet, knowledgeable and efficient.Connie F.Connie F. ★★★★★ They were very kind and informative throughout the entire process. I was able to reach out with questions and received my mother's ashes very quickly. Thank you for being a blessing during our time of loss.Shea J.Shea J. ★★★★★ Green Cremation worked well for my family, even though we are in Arlington and this company is based in Austin. The young men who work locally were lovely, and Marlaena Gonzales was professional, caring, and prompt.Jacqueline L.Jacqueline L. ★★★★★ I can recommend Green Cremation. The are professional and caring, easy to deal with and affordable!Ryan D.Ryan D. ★★★★★ Reliable, skilled, and compassionate. I turned to Green Cremation after my loved one's sudden passing, and Marlaena provided invaluable support in organizing the arrangements and guiding me through the process. Her presence truly made a challenging situation more manageable.dithyrambic J.dithyrambic J. ★★★★★ I highly recommend Green Cremation Texas! Marlaena's kind and thoughtful manner made the whole process go smoothly. I used their website to do everything and it was easy to navigate - I'm NOT a computer person so this was amazing to me!! I will definitely use this company again when needed.Janet S.Janet S. ★★★★★ Very easy to work with an affordably priced. The staff answered all of my questions quickly and clearly.Google U.Google U. ★★★★★ Composting is a great environmentally friendly option for a loved one. We plan to use the compost to nourish a tree that will live on in her memory. Green cremation handled everything very professionally and was much appreciated in our time of loss.Gabrielle T.Gabrielle T. ★★★★★ Green Cremation took care of my wife after she passed in December of 2023.I really couldn't be more satisfied with the way everything was handled.Scott F.Scott F. ★★★★★ They did the job in a timely manner. They was respectful, knowledgeable, and made sure that all needs was meet. I will most likely use them for myself when my time comes.Joey A.Joey A. ★★★★★ Professional. Made it so easy. Kindness when we needed it most. Good value. Didn't try to upsell.Susanna S.Susanna S. ★★★★★ My family had a very positive experience with Green Cremation in the recent death of my mother. They were compassionate, communicative, flexible and efficient in helping us through the process.Rhonda A.Rhonda A. ★★★★★ Green Cremation was very informative and helpful during our stressful time. We were called on a regular bases and given updates on everything.Karin P.Karin P. ★★★★★ I don’t think anyone is ever ready to lay a loved one to rest. I had been looking online anticipating the need for funeral services and found Green Cremation and read countless good reviews. I called them and Marlaena answered the phone and was very professional, comforting, and sensitive to my family’s needs. She were able to arrange everything within a few hours and she was available every step of the way. I honestly couldn’t believe how easy she made the process, it was a huge weight off of me in the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Thank you Green Cremation and Marlaena for taking care of my mother with such care. God bless!Frank S.Frank S. ★★★★★ Professional!Dale M.Dale M. ★★★★★ The kindness and the professionalism shown to me was amazing. This is never an easy time but they made this so effortless and I really appreciate everything they did in caring for my loved one. Thank youjanice H.janice H. ★★★★★ Expect kindness and professionalism here. Marlena provided exemplary service.Stephen D.Stephen D. ★★★★★ Marlena was wonderful and made everything go smoothly. We got everything back much sooner than expected, and it was a very positive experience.Kelli H.Kelli H. ★★★★★ Compassionate, sympathetic and extremely helpful.Steve B.Steve B. ★★★★★ They handled both my husband and step father with such respect. No hidden costs, all prices were up front. Marlena was very sympathetic and helpful. I highly recommend them.justine C.justine C. ★★★★★ I live out of state, and Green Cremation Texas was wonderful in taking care of my loved one. They were thoughtful and caring during a difficult time.Betty D.Betty D. ★★★★★ Everyone at Green was incredibly compassionate, professional, and helpful during such a difficult time. Marlaena made things so easy for us and her sweet nature and concern for us made us feel well taken care of. I would highly recommend Green Cremation.Debbie C.Debbie C. ★★★★★ I could never imagine a company in this line of work be more professional and compassionate at the same time. It’s hard to say it was a pleasure because of what was dealt with but I can’t recommend any other company more than this company!!!David A.David A. ★★★★★ Personal respectful compassionate caring are the words that meant the most to our family! Couple that with the efficient processing and guidance for every step of dealing with the legalities the we faced due to the unexpected loss of a loved one, that covers the full five stars! It gave us a sense of peace in the midst of the chaos.Ken L.Ken L. ★★★★★ Marlaena was so helpful and on top of things. We also loved Michael who came to pick up my mom and was so, so kind.Halley O.Halley O. ★★★★★ Green Cremation was excellent to deal with during a very difficult time. Thy helped us through it all with great compassion and Marlaena was wonderful.Julie P.Julie P. ★★★★★ Green Cremation, Austin did an amazing job during a very difficult time for our family. Marlaena was extremely professional and empathetic. This was the first time our family had to make decisions in regards to a loved one’s death and Marlaena was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Green Cremation, Austin to anyone looking for help during a very difficult time in life.Ann B.Ann B. ★★★★★ Great experience with Marlena. She was caring and she kept me informed concerning my brother's remainsMichelle H.Michelle H. ★★★★★ Nobody wants cause to write a review of a business like this and yet when you are faced with medical staff telling you that you need to decide within the...Heather A.Heather A. ★★★★★ Really easy to work with, I did everything online through my phone. The staff were compassionate in a hard time, and the price was really affordable.Google U.Google U. ★★★★★ Very caring , kind and so helpful with the loss of our son . Walked us through everything with patience and care.Deborah S.Deborah S. ★★★★★ Marlaena and Green Cremation were thorough and professional on all levels. Marlaena took care of every detail and helped guide me through any of the steps I needed to do. Her communication was timely and complete to any question I had. I very much appreciate Marlaena's compassion during a very difficult time. I am very glad to have worked with her and Cremation.Green.m km k ★★★★☆ I would like to thank Marlaena for being so patience and helpful during this unexpected, frustrating moment. I will never forget how easy, and accommodating you were at the viewing.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Monica HilleryMonica F.Monica F. ★★★★★ Green Cremation made the difficult process of arranging my sister’s cremation as seamless as possible. Marleana is truly exceptional. She explained everything well and kept us updated throughout. Marleana’s compassion, kindness, and patience during our time of loss made a difficult time a little easier. We will always be grateful for the respectful service provided by Green Cremation.Beth W.Beth W. ★★★★★ Awesome support and help through a very difficult time. I am out I state and they made a very hard situation very seamless. I would highly recommendAlicia M.Alicia M. ★★★★★ We've worked with these folks twice in the last 4 years, and they are considerate, clear, and skillful. Highly recommendedDavid C.David C. ★★★★★ During this traumatic time it's hard to think clearly. Thank you to Marlaena and her team for meeting all our needs! Thank you for your patience, expertise, and above all compassion! I lucked out and found this place online. I would never use anyone else. I highly recommend Green Cremation to meet your needs caring for your loved one!Robert J.Robert J. ★★★★★ I wish I could give Marlaena and Green Cremation a million stars. She made a terrible life situation more easily navigable. From start to finish, the process was explained. The ability to conduct the bulk of the process online but always have her available to answer questions via text or on the phone was so comforting. The person who picked up our loved one was so gentle and loving with both the family members and our loved one. Unfortunately in my life I've had to use a number of funeral and cremation services. This by far was the best, easiest, and affordable as well. Green Cremation exceeded our family's expectations and honored our loved one. Thank you again for everything.L R P.L R P. ★★★★★ Marlaena and Green Cremation made a terrible life situation easy to manage. The representative that took our loved one from the hospital to their facilities...L R.L R. ★★★★★ In a sad time The Green Cremations and Marlena took care of everything and was efficient,and professional as well as easy to approach with my questions and always was there and comforting.Sunny D.Sunny D. ★★★★★ We are so grateful for the kind and sensitive services we received when Green Cremation assisted us with the awful experience of losing our son. Marlena and her team are truly meant to be doing what they do. They guided us through this terrible time as beautifully as anyone could and we highly recommend them especially to those like us out of town.Holly M.Holly M. ★★★★★ Marlaena was absolutely fantastic. She went out of her way and pulled some strings to bring my momma home as fast as possible and I will never forget her kindness. After we initially decided I’d have to look elsewhere, somewhere closer, and after I’d already contacted other options- she reached out to me and made it happen faster (and cheaper!) than even the closest places. Absolutely phenomenal service. I will never forget her name. Thank you. Marlaena!Ashley T.Ashley T. ★★★★★ Compassionate and affordable cremations, staff really cares about families. Marlaena Gonzalez did an amazing job.Jacob M.Jacob M. ★★★★★ During a very difficult time for my family and me. My experience with Green Cremation Texas, was very pleasurable. Ms. Marlaena Gonzales was comforting...Phay A.Phay A. ★★★★★ What's to say that hasn't already been said about this company. Not only did they have the very best rate for services rendered, but Marlaena was the most...Corey M.Corey M. ★★★★★ Green Cremation Texas took care of my mother’s cremation, and I would highly recommend their service. The person I was in contact with, Marleana Gonzales, explained all the details I needed in a calm and caring manner. She made a hard situation much easier to deal with.Gari R.Gari R. ★★★★★ As with all of the other reviews here, no one wants to be writing this review. We had a family member pass this month and the team at Green Cremation of...Sean Matthew L.Sean Matthew L. ★★★★★ Recently our family experienced a death and we contacted Green Cremation Texas, the Pflugerville branch. Eric was our point of contact. He was the consummate professional. Everything, including full costs, were disclosed on the front end. All arrangements were easy to make and they did exactly what they said they would do when they said they would do it. There was not a single burp anywhere in the process.Our family had a lot to deal with and it was great that the cremation, death certificate, obtaining the ashes, etc were all so easy to do via Greens. Eric did a superb job and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services. Their pricing is quite reasonable and their service and caring attitude can't be beat.Dan F.Dan F. ★★★★★ This is the place for you if you're looking for affordable cremation with top notch customer service. Eric Neuhaus at Green Cremation was incredibly...Cristina C.Cristina C. ★★★★★ After many attempts to locate an obit, I called Eric and he was so kind, caring, and compassionate to email the website I needed. I was doing this for my 85...Terry P.Terry P. ★★★★★ No one really wants to write a review for cremation, especially when they are dealing with the loss and passing of their mom/best friend. With that said...Mina M.Mina M. ★★★★★ We found Green Cremation onYelp and after some research decided to use them. Every part of the process went very well. When contacted they explained the...Mario B.Mario B. ★★★★★ Melissa was so patient and kind when my father died. He died in California and I had no idea who to work with that was reputable and could provide the...Kimberley M.Kimberley M. ★★★★★ My family and I have started planning ahead on our death care desires- we want to have a natural burial. Melissa has been such an educated guide and has answered each question so thoughtfully and thoroughly. We appreciate Green Cremation & Burial Texas!Michele M.Michele M. ★★★★★ When my best friend died, we wanted to honor her with a natural burial. I am so thankful we found Melissa and were able to have a home vigil and green burial. This was the least stressful part of losing a loved one. Thank you, all, and pet your sweet Therapy Dog Kermit for me.Pinky R.Pinky R. ★★★★★ Melissa was very easy to work with, very helpful, and understanding of our wishes. She helped make Momma’s celebration of life the way Momma wanted it. THANKS!HueRTaCuLTuRe C.HueRTaCuLTuRe C. ★★★★★ You never want to make this call but when you need to please call Melissa at Green Cremations. This was the most professional, compassionate and easy transaction. Everything from start to finish was handled with care. I truly couldn’t be more pleased. Will most likely prearrange for my husband and myself next.Tammy D.Tammy D. ★★★★★ I keep trying to write this review and I’m at a loss for words. Death takes the life out of everything around it, not just your loved one, and feeling “brain dead” while trying to plan how to take care of mom for the last time, it just feels like too much! Melissa has been the most present, patient, and intuitive funeral director I’ve ever met in a way that was organic and full of warmth. She let me be as involved in the process as I wanted to be even taking as much time needed to explain all my questions about the logistics and paperwork. It never felt like I was separated by some door and secrecy. I recommend Green Cremation Texas because they weren’t just a funeral home, they became my tribe. For the first time in my experience with death, I didn’t just get a funeral home that helped facilitate closer, I was given an experience that planted the seeds of healing. Thank you.Nani U.Nani U. ★★★★★ Green Cremation Texas helped us through a very difficult time. Specifically Melissa. She was there from start to finish throughout the whole process. Was very flexible with our timeline, and very thorough with the details and communicating with the funeral home. I couldn’t recommend these folks enough. She even checked in with us after the entire process was over and made sure everything went smoothly.We’re so glad we found Green Cremation Texas. I don’t know what we would have done otherwise. Thanks Melissa.Jillian M.Jillian M. ★★★★★ My daughter died VERY unexpectedly at 24 years old. So there i was trying to figure out what the heck just happened and the medical examiner wants to know if I've picked a funeral home yet. All i knew was that my daughter loved the environment so i started with Google and it led me to Melissa. I cannot stress enough how WONDERFUL this woman is. When i called her all my thoughts were a mess inside my head. I cried and rambled on about my daughter and about what i thought she would like and Melissa LISTENED to me. She then helped me with what i wanted to do for my daughter. She wasn't fazed at all when i wanted to change something, she just made it happen. Melissa always answered any questions i had either by texting me back or emailing me. I'm so glad i found Melissa and her services.Mel C.Mel C. ★★★★★ My daughter died VERY unexpectedly at 24 years old. So there i was trying to figure out what the heck just happened and the medical examiner wants to know...Mel C.Mel C. ★★★★★ Melissa helped our family when we were in need. A funeral home that my extended family had chosen was overcharging and my family didn’t have that kind of money. Melissa came in and walked us through each step, informing us of all details, and never once making us feel like we were bothering her. She treated us like we were her family. My family will be using her services from now on. Thank you, Melissa!!TriciaTricia ★★★★★ From the first phone call, the staff at Green Cremation Texas were so very wonderful. Melissa is the perfect balance of true care and professionalism. I...Sally N.Sally N. ★★★★★ Very impressed with Green Cremation! Melissa is fantastic-so kind and compassionate. She even personally delivered the ashes to our home when they were...Deb S.Deb S. ★★★★★ At a tough time in our lives Melissa was kind and professional and always patient with me. I was handed a list of cremation and funeral practices after...Lynn S.Lynn S. ★★★★★ Melissa is a consummate professional and helped immensely in our time ofneed. Melissa Unfred was translucent about her services, she is professional, and...Sean C.Sean C. ★★★★★ On May 19th, I had gotten a call from my sister in law telling me to fly immediately to Orlando (I am away for work). Halifax Health Hospice had let her...Panda T.Panda T.js_loader

How Our Universal City Funeral Home is Preserving the Area’s Park-Like Environment

Universal City is known for having a park-like setting not far from an urban city center. It’s the type of atmosphere that takes effort to maintain, and it helps when everyone does their part.

Cremation.Green is helping preserve the area’s unique environment by ensuring residents have eco-friendly funeral options in Universal City. We now know that traditional funeral services have an extremely negative impact on the environment that keeps adding up over time. By providing greener end of life care, we help families arrange disposition services they can feel good about. We’re also helping to honor the wishes of the deceased who want to ensure their funeral has a positive effect. With each green funeral we perform less pollutants and emissions are put into the local environment, helping Universal City maintain its natural appeal.

Death Doesn't Have To Cost You Everything

Accessible Service. Transparent Pricing.   Big-Hearted Care.

Flame Cremation

The most environmentally friendly flame-based cremation possible.
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From $995

Water Cremation

The most environmentally friendly method of cremation available.
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From $1995

Natural Burial

Protecting the natural beauty of Texas while honoring your loved one.
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From $2585

Natural Organic Reduction

Accelerate the natural process to transform human remains into soil.
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From $6499

We Make Funeral Costs in Universal City Simple and Transparent

If you believe that funeral services should be simpler and less stressful, we agree. Our Universal City funeral home services were created to make the process much easier on you and the environment. The best part is, our approach lowers the cost of funeral services in Universal City while improving quality.

Dedicated to Better Death Care Through Innovation
A lot of funeral homes aren’t trying to improve the death care industry, which means they aren’t making an effort to improve services for families. Too often funeral services are based solely on tradition and not innovation. At Cremation.Green we’re actively working to create better death care options by continuously innovating. It’s an investment we’re happy to make because it ensures our clients experience the best the death care industry has to offer.

Easy Funeral Arrangements That Can Be Made Online
Today more funeral homes are offering online services, which is something that’s always been done at Cremation.Green. It’s the most eco-friendly way to make funeral arrangements, but more importantly, it’s much easier on the family. We understand no one wants to have to make a trip to a funeral home when they could initiate the process from the comfort of their home.

Funeral Costs That Are Fair and Transparent
One of the most frustrating aspects of funeral services is the cost. Arranging a funeral can cost thousands of dollars, yet many funeral homes aren’t upfront about their fees. The fees aren’t exact, and it’s unclear what is included with the cost. That’s not how we do business. We’ve made funeral costs fair and transparent by:

  • Putting the basic rates online so you have a better idea of what the different options cost.
  • Offering online customized quotes that give you a more exact estimate based on what you want.
  • Providing a General Price List with itemized costs so you can choose the services that work best for your budget and needs.

We can also provide a custom funeral service quote over the phone and explain the fees if you have any questions. Give us a call any time of day, any day of the week.

100% Digital Funeral Home

Mother working on netbook near sleeping daughter

We’re working to bring all safe funeral options to Universal City.

We are continuously exploring the latest innovations in the death care industry and leveraging new technologies, but that’s not all. The Green.Cremation team also works to inform state lawmakers so they can create the legislation that leads to a better death care industry in Texas.

The fact is state lawmakers are the ones who decide what funeral services are available to Texans. We’re working every day to make sure all Texans are able to choose any safe disposition option. It’s what we call disposition freedom. Our work isn’t over until your family has every option available, because every Texans should get the funeral services they want.

Losing a loved one is difficult, working with a funeral home shouldn't be.

Full Selection of Eco-Friendly Funeral Services in Universal City

Cremation.Green is the authority on eco-friendly funeral services in Universal City. As the first carbon-neutral funeral home in Texas, you can trust that we are incorporating the latest technology to reduce the impact of disposition. We offer the best selection of green funeral services in the state, and we’re proud to provide options to families in Universal City that are environmentally mindful while still being affordable.

Flame Cremation

Flame Cremation Services in Universal City

Our clean flame cremation is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a traditional funeral service with less of an impact. Our proprietary process is more efficient at every stage so that there are fewer emissions. It’s a cleaner, greener form of cremation that uses incineration.

Water Cremation

Water Cremation Services in Universal City

If you are concerned about the use of incineration but want to receive the cremains of a loved one, water cremation is the ideal solution. The end result is the same as flame cremation except you’ll likely receive around 30% more cremains. Plus, the process is more environmentally friendly given that it doesn’t create air pollutants and uses 90% less energy.

Natural Burial

Universal City Natural Burial Services

Burial can be eco-friendly when it’s natural. Our natural burial services help you arrange an intimate funeral that doesn’t pollute the ground or water. You’ll have more control over the process so that you can lay your loved one to rest in a way that won’t have a negative impact.

Natural Organic Reduction

Universal City Natural Organic Reduction Services

We believe all Texans should have the disposition options that are available in other states, including natural organic reduction (NOR). That’s why we partnered with out-of-state NOR providers who are able to work seamlessly with our team. We are now among the select funeral homes in Texas that can help arrange natural organic reduction for Universal City residents.

We plant trees in honor of every family that we work with.

We have partnered with Sustainable Harvest International to plant trees where they are most needed around the globe.

Sustainable Harvest International is an environmental nonprofit with over 25 years of experience partnering with smallholder farmers to adopt regenerative practices that nourish people and the planet.

Sustainable Harvest International
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Based out of Austin, Texas, we have been proudly providing cremation services to communities across entire state of Texas since 2018.