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Everything You Need to Need to Know about a Green Burial

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Many people are now choosing green burial as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional funerals that require caskets, embalming fluid, and viewing. Greener death care can help reduce funeral costs and have the added benefit of preserving the beauty of the deceased’s final resting place.

What is a Green Funeral?

 A green funeral tends to have the least impact on the environment. It is a funeral service that contains no embalming chemicals, caskets, or vaults. Green burials are a more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional funerals. This type of funeral has also become popular in society as more people try to preserve the environment. 

The Modern Green Burial Movement in the U.S.

The modern green burial movement in the US is a response to the environmental impact that modern cemeteries have and a desire to return to more natural or spiritual ways of dealing with death. With more people seeking alternatives to cement and steel graves, there is an emerging need for “green” cemeteries and funeral homes to serve this growing population.

Why Should You Consider a Green Funeral?

Green funerals reduce environmental pollution from caskets, cremated remains, burial urns, and the embalming fluid used for burials. They also help decrease greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation of bodies to cemeteries or cremation facilities. Most importantly, they reduce the demand for wood used in building caskets. With green funerals, the bodies of the deceased are buried with minimum energy or chemicals.

Green burial is often less expensive than traditional burials, especially when the costs of embalming, which can range between $600-$1000, are taken into account. Needless to say, many people choose green or natural burials for economic reasons as well.

The Natural Burial Movement

The natural burial movement has also gained traction in recent years because it is believed that the body is best disposed of in an environment that will allow the individual’s soul to be at peace. 

Those who object to embalming, casketed burials, or cremations generally have religious or moral reasons for their beliefs. But most of those who hold different beliefs are not opposed to the practice of green burial as it is a matter of personal conscience and respect for the deceased, rather than a matter of doctrine.

Whatever your reasoning, the importance of burying a loved one respectfully can’t be overstated. Most of the time, green burials proceed without any friction between the family or the law. However, there are some exceptions. It may be difficult to find a place where green burial is accepted, or the area provided may be too small. Your deceased loved one could also have stated prior the method they would like to be buried or cremated, and you would not like to go against their wishes. But there are plenty of options available for those who want to go green or natural.

There are many who are concerned about the impact of conventional burial practices on the environment, and green or natural burials are an alternative that is becoming more popular as people become more environmentally aware.

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