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Eco-Friendly Cremation at Our Bear Creek Funeral Home

Bear Creek has gone through several periods of development but one thing has always remained the same. Residents understand the importance of protecting their pristine piece of the Hill Country.

Green Cremation Texas is dedicated to the same goal. We’ve worked tirelessly to become the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in the state. Our service area goes beyond the Austin city limits so that small communities like Bear Creek get the same selection of eco-friendly cremation options.

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Bear Creek That Is Easy on the Local Environment

In a small community like the Village of Bear Creek options for services can be limited. Green Cremation Texas is making sure residents have access to low impact end of life services that are normally available only in big cities.

By investing in the latest technology and enhancing energy-efficiency at every step, we’ve developed green cremation services that are just as affordable as other options.

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Green Direct Cremation in Bear Creek

Green Cremation Texas has taken flame-based cremation in a new, cleaner direction. We’ve developed processes that make various aspects of cremation more efficient right down to the transport. At the same time, we reduce pollutants by taking additional measures to make sure no plastics are incinerated.

Aquamation, better known as water cremation, is a revolutionary new service that’s only available in 19 states. Water cremation eliminates the use of flame entirely, which means no airborne toxins are released. The process also uses 90% less energy compared to standard cremation services.

Bear Creek Green Cremation Containers

After the cremation, we store the remains in a temporary cardboard vessel. You can then choose from a number of green funeral urns in Bear Creek including eco-friendly scattering tubes and biodegradable containers.

Transparent Direct Cremation Prices in Bear Creek

After losing a loved one the last thing you want is to have to research funeral and cremation costs in Bear Creek. It can be especially frustrating given that so many funeral homes aren’t transparent with their prices. At Green Cremation Texas, we believe in giving families a fair deal. That’s why we provide clear information on the associated costs and offer all-inclusive, flat-rate packages that simplify pricing.

The most expensive option with the highest environmental impact is traditional burial. The National Funeral Director Association has calculated that the average cost is $7,360. However, that doesn’t include the plot and headstone, which can be quite costly in Bear Creek. Factoring in all of the expenses, traditional burial can easily cost more than $10,000.

The overall average cost of cremation in Bear Creek is less than burial. With services at a funeral home, traditional cremation can be as much as $6,200. It’s also less eco-friendly since embalming is still involved.

Those who want low impact, low-cost cremation in Bear Creek should consider direct cremation. With this service the cremation is completed, however there is no viewing or memorial service included. Direct cremation costs in Bear Creek tend to be much lower. The average is usually between $1,000 and $2,200.

Green Cremation Texas is completely transparent when it comes to our direct cremation prices in Bear Creek. We keep it simple with a single, flat-rate fee that includes all of the expenses and no hidden charges.

Easy, affordable, efficient – that’s our promise.

A Simple Direct Cremation Process for Bear Creek Families

Bear Creek Funeral Home

Bear Creek is a community that comes together when one of their own is in need. It’s also a very independent community that incorporated because people wanted to do things their own way. So it’s no surprise direct cremation is becoming more common in the area.

Cremation only with no service at the funeral home means the family has complete control over the memorial. It gives you the freedom to do things your way when it’s right for your family.

Direct Cremation Memorials in Bear Creek
Some people believe getting cheap cremation in Bear Creek means that you have to forgo a memorial service, but nothing could be further from the truth. After the cremation, you can still choose to have a memorial service, and you aren’t limited to a standard remembrance in a funeral home.

Cremation only with no service in Bear Creek allows you to:

  • Bury the ashes in a family plot in Onion Creek Memorial Park.
  • Scatter the ashes on your family property in Bear Creek, the nearby Barton Creek Habitat Preserve or your loved one’s favorite spot out in the Hill Country.
  • Host a cremation memorial at your loved one’s home, your home or another meaningful location like a scenic spot on the banks of Bear Creek.

The loss of a loved one is a trying ordeal without feeling pressured to make every decision all at once. Services from Green Cremation Texas allow you to handle the necessary steps quickly and efficiently while giving you time to plan a memorial to honor your loved one’s life in a special way.

Your Expert Advisors for Cremation Only in Bear Creek

End of life services shouldn’t be complicated for a family that just lost a loved one. Our number one goal at Green Cremation Texas is to help Bear Creek families by providing compassionate care that relieves the burden rather than adding to it.

We offer a variety of green cremation packages that make the process as simple as possible. The packages are all-inclusive from transport to our facility to delivery once the cremation is complete. Along the way, you’ll work directly with our funeral director to ensure your needs are met and your questions are answered.

Green Cremation Texas packages include:

  • Scheduling service arrangements over the phone or in-person.
    Coordinating with the coroner’s office to have your loved one transported to our facility.
  • Filing and securing all necessary paperwork, such as the death certificate and death registration.
  • Delivering the remains to your location as well as making them available for pickup at our facility.

We’re a family-owned business that’s dedicated to taking care of your family. From easy-to-understand service packages to transparent prices to environmental protection, Green Cremation Texas provides end of life services you can feel good about.

Giving Bear Creek Affordable Cremation Options That Are High Quality and Low Impact

Remaining the “Best Little Town in Texas” means protecting the Hill Country setting that has attracted settlers for over 170 years. Choosing cremation services in Bear Creek that are clean is one of the best ways to preserve the local environment. Green Cremation Texas is a premier Funeral Home that provides exemplary service and innovative end of life options that are both high quality and low impact.

Do you have questions about direct cremation in Bear Creek? Our experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions and can help arrange services in minutes.