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2 New Options To Pay for Funeral Services

Are you looking for options to pay for funeral services? It can be stressful, but Cremation.Green is making it easier by giving families multiple payment options.
Senior man using a laptop and a credit card for online paying while sitting in his office at home.
Senior man using a laptop and a credit card for online paying while sitting in his office at home.

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Arranging funeral services for a loved one is never easy. When you are concerned with the cost of disposition it makes the process that much more difficult. Today, traditional funeral services cost $7,000 or more. That’s a huge burden for some families to take on during a period that’s already stressful. 

Direct cremation, natural burial and natural organic reduction are less expensive eco-friendly options, but paying $1,000-$6,500 for funeral services is still a significant expense. That’s why we’re offering two new options to pay for funeral services available to the families we work with. Keep reading for details on what payment options are available for funeral services when you can’t pay in full.

When do funeral homes expect payment?

Typically, funeral homes will expect payment before the disposition services are performed.

Alternative Ways to Pay for Funeral Services 

At Cremation.Green we don’t currently offer in-house financing, but we do offer families another option to pay for funeral services that’s simple and cost-effective. We’ve expanded our payment options to make things easier for you.

The options are designed to ease the upfront burden of paying for funeral expenses. This is especially helpful for families that haven’t settled the estate or families that are waiting on funds to be distributed so they can cover the cost of cremation, natural burial or natural organic reduction.

New online forms of payment are great because they are convenient in a number of ways. Options like these make it quick and easy to pay for funeral services, secure and trackable.

How It Works

The pay-over-time options allows you to minimize the upfront cost to pay for funeral services without increasing the total expense. There is no interest or no fees, not even late fees with this option. However, they will do a quick assessment to determine if a user can apply this option. The assessment is largely based on your activity within the system. 

The total cost is broken down into payments. You’ll make the initial payment at the time the funeral services are arranged. Then you’ll make other payments over time. It takes the financial pressure off of families that are still figuring out the estate and how funds will be dispersed. The last thing that you want to worry about is how to pay for funeral services at a difficult time like this.

If you need a little more time to pay for the funeral services or the costs are higher, then there’s another option. It allows you to pay for a purchase of larger amounts over a longer period of time. You have to apply, but you’ll know within seconds if you’re approved to use it.

Payments are made just once a month with an annual percentage rate. But, be sure to check with them to get the most updated and accurate information.

Time and flexibility are on your side. Get what you want and break the payments up over weeks or even months.

Reducing Unnecessary Expenses

In addition to reducing waste, Cremation.Green is also focused on reducing unnecessary expenses for the families we serve. Our streamlined services make eco-friendly funeral options available to more people, and now there are even more ways to cover the cost of cremation with a lot less stress.

Marlaena Gonzales

Marlaena Gonzales

Funeral Director
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